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Mondialardesia offers granite blocks in slabs, and in tiles and bricks for floors and coatings.


Granite is in fact a natural rock ideally suited for floors, coatings, kitchen tops, tiles, bathroom design, stairs, tables, fountains, chimneys, funerary works of art, bar counters, balconies, terraces etc.


It is an igneous, felsic and intrusive rock with a normally coarse texture, sometimes sporting megacrystals. Its name derives from the Latin granum (grainy), with clear reference to its holocrystalline structure.


Depending on location, it comes in different colours (listed below).


Being a non-porous, compactly grained material, it is considered hygienic, as it doesn’t deposit dirt, is impervious to mould and can be cleaned frequently.

Disponibili in blocchi, lastre, pavimenti, rivestimenti.

Any type of marble or granite is available on order.